Monday, September 22, 2008

soup for the week ahead

Tonight I did something I have never done before in preparation for the week of work. Perhaps it is the healthy living magazine (Zest) I have been reading. Or perhaps that my mother told me she is totally eating low GI now (what an inspiration!). I prepared a soup tonight to eat over the week and I made the first two days of salad to go with it.

I made Caribbean Sweet Potato Coconut Soup from my new Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special cookbook (page 29 for the one reader who may be interested!). Here I am defrosting 2 cups of stock that I had frozen in cup measures, then popped out into a freezer bag. (Hey--I forgot to tell you that I roasted my first chicken two Saturdays ago and then I made my first stock the next day with the bones. All with the help of Mr Bittman.)

And the soup is made with lots of lovely sweet vegetables and coconut milk and orange juice. I had a small bowl tonight and I have a flask I will use to take it to school this week.

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Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

ivxIt is really a truck. We are really truckers now! :). I love Max;s hair too. Claire's spanish is coming along. I dont really teach her much - so she does does salutations etc. that she's learned from the maids.

PS thanks for the tips on the blog roll. I got mine up today -- after much waiting for my slow internet. Too bad you have to switch to the other template format to do it. but it seemed like a nice change from having to maintain my other site.

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