Monday, June 2, 2008

books for cooks

Yesterday I made it over to Notting Hill to visit Books for Cooks. It is just off Portobello Road; I read about it online at The Kitchn, a website that regularly inspires me. I had a seat on the red squishy sofa, browsing through their floor-to-ceiling shelves of cookbooks. It was a lovely, relaxing afternoon destination.

I am becoming more and more convinced about the health of eating low GI meals. I already have the original GI Diet book by Rick Gallop (formerly president and CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario). I am starting to cook and eat according to his suggestions and so the cookbook I bought was GI Meals Made Easy: 150 Quick and Delicious Meals for All the Family.

Low glycaemic index meals don't spike blood sugar or insulin production and so they help you feel full for longer and give you a more stable energy level. They are also high in fibre and nutrients--really the GI diet is less a temporary diet and more a healthy way of eating forever.


Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

What are low GI meals? What sort of meals are in these books. Sounds interesting.

sarah said...

Low glycemic index (GI) foods are ones that don't spike your blood sugar, and hence are healthier. They make you feel full longer, like porridge, brown bread, and vegetables. The idea is to avoid refined foods (which have high GIs) like white bread, white rice, and sugar. I will start writing about the low GI meals I am making. Here's a link to the site I like: Rick Gallop's Low GI Diet page.

What have you been cooking recently? Any Caribbean influences?

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